Guest professor: Prof. Dr. Gregory LeFevre

  Photo of Dr. Gregory LeFevre Copyright: G. LeFevre

Dr. Gregory LeFevre is Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering and Science, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering; University of Iowa, USA. His expertise are in biotransformations, the fate of contaminants (i.e., pesticides such as neonicotinoids) in the environment and phytoremediation.

Dr. LeFevre was invited by BioSC to stay for 2 weeks to establish new contacts and interactions within the BioSC network. The visit is funded by BioSC while the Chair of Biotechnology was the host institution.

During his staying he gave lectures for several groups, including ours, the RWTH Institute for Environmental Research (Prof. Schäffer), the INRES at Bonn University (Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation, Prof. Amelung and Prof. Knief) and visited the biorefinery at NGP².