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Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018 for Directed Evolution of Enzymes

Nobel prize medal ŽŠ The Nobel Foundation

Congratulation my PostDoc mentor Prof. Frances Arnold to the Nobel prize in Chemistry 2018 for the directed evolution of enzymes! 

- Ulrich Schwaneberg

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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schwaneberg

2. Sammelbau Biology, Worringerweg 3   

52074 Aachen

WorkPhone: +49 241 80 24176

FaxFax: +49 241 80 22387


CrossBEE - Free Open online course

Image of the BigC-Massive Online Course advert

The Chair of Biotechnology invites you to the first CrossBEE - Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on biobased products and bioeconomy. Your particpipation is free of limitations and free of charge!

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Grants and Awards

Professor Schwaneberg and Innovation price.

Together with our scientists and students the Schwaneberg group is pleased to announce our latest awards, prices and grants.

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Research highlights

Micro delivery service for fertilizers of Professor Schwaneberg

At the DWI and Bonn University, a foliar fertilization system based on biocompatible microgels, which adhere selectively to leaves for a long period and slowly deliver nutrients in a controlled fashion, was developed.

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FocusLab greenRelease

Symbol image of the Focuslab greenRelease organized by Professor Schwaneberg

The aim of the FocusLab greenRelease is to significantly reduce fungicide and herbicide usage and thereby contributing to a sustainable agriculture and bioeconomy.

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