Vision and Mission Statement


Vision Statement

RWTH Aachen is committed to excellence in teaching. The use of digital technologies is firmly anchored in its teaching strategy in order to help students develop their full potential and specific skills as effectively as possible.

Mission Statement

By 2023, RWTH Aachen aims to have an extensive offer of courses, which, when deemed appropriate, are supplemented with digital tools in order to meet students’ needs for flexibility and increase their study success. On the one hand, digital formats will be used to enhance teaching in the classroom and on the other hand, to make it easier for students to autonomously acquire specific skills.

Digital technologies will be an integral part of the teaching and learning environment in all faculties. Studies will be conducted to determine which blended learning formats are most suitable for the individual needs of the students while taking into account the conventions and specific demands of each individual faculty or department. The goal of these studies is to systematically improve the quality of teaching and learning.

RWTH Aachen supports its teaching staff by offering further training on new educational technologies and funding central service units that help with their implementation.