The Schwaneberg group is located at the Institute of Biotechnology at RWTH Aachen University, combining the chair of Biotechnology and at the DWI-Leibniz-Institute for Interactive Materials. In the last 15 years, the group has positioned at the leading edge in the interdisciplinary field of protein engineering driven by directed evolution and rational design.

In five divisions a joint research agenda is pursued to discover fundamental protein engineering principles. The scientific competence is built on an array of developed methods and technology platforms for directed evolution which comprises diversity generation methods in the division Molecular Bioeconomy, high throughput screening systems in the division High Throughput Screening and computational biology tools in the division Computational Biology that will ultimately lead to tailored-biocatalysts for significant applications in industry. Within two application subgroups, namely the divisions Molecular Medicine and Biohybrid Systems, protein engineering is focused on the identification of novel applications in the field of medical and material sciences.