Recent graduates


Dr. Yunus Ensari

Photo of Dr. Yunus Ensari with hat Bio VI

Yunus Ensari successfully defended his PhD work on February 19th 2018.

His work was entitled "Synthesis of oxo-fatty acid esters in a whole cell cascade reactions with engineered monooxygenase (P450 BM3) and dehydrogenase (cpADH5) variants" and included studies such as the engineering of a Candida parapsilosis alcohol dehydrogenase for the conversion of methyl 3-hydroxyalcanoates.

Yunus Ensari left our work group for the city of Kars in Northeastern Turkey, where he will continue his career as an assistant professor at the Kafkas University starting in March 2018.


Dr. Julia Kinzel

Dr. Julia Kinzel Bio VI

Julia Kinzel graduated on 29th July, 2017 by defending her PhD topic, which is titled as towards chiral nanopores based on tailor-made FhuA β-barrel proteins. She is an expert in protein engineering of transmembrane protein FhuA, whole cell selection system using amino acid decorated glass beads and characterization of FhuA-polymer conjugates.


Dr. Jianhua Yang

Jianhua Yang

We are very happy to announce that Ms. Jianhua Yang graduated on the 21st of October, 2016. She started her doctoral studies in the Schwaneberg group with the topic Enabling directed evolution 3.0 by a promoter toolbox, casting epPCR and engineered polymerase in 2012 and will continue her career as associate professor in the Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology of Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is an expert in protein engineering, biocatalysis and enzymology.


Dr. Georgette Körfer

Georgette Körfer Biotec

Georgette Körfer graduated on 26th July, 2016 by defending her PhD topic, which is titled as Development of a flow cytometer-based in vitro compartmentalization screening platform for directed protein evolution. Her expertise lies mainly in protein engineering, cell-free enzyme production, flow-cytometry and production of double emulsion compartments. Recently, she has joined Dalli Werke GmbH & Co. KG as project manager in the laundry and home care division.


Dr. Gaurao Dhoke

Dr. Gaurao Dhoke Biotec

Gaurao Dhoke received his PhD title on 2nd June 2016. His PhD thesis was about computational analysis of mechanism and substrate specificity of an Alcohol dehydrogenase from Candida parapsilosis. During his doctoral study in the Schwaneberg group, he has gained expertise in rational enzyme design, molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation. Currently, he is working as senior scientist in the field of computational chemistry in Invictus Oncology, which is situated in Delhi, India.


Dr. Nina Lülsdorf

Dr. Nina Lülsdorf Bio VI

Nina Lülsdorf achieved her PhD title on 26th January, 2016 on protein engineering for polyethylene terephthalate degradation. This project was a part of FuPol – Functionalization of Polymers alliance in collaboration with academic and industrial partners. She is an expert in protein engineering, process implementation, good manufacturing practice and project management. She is currently working in the division of technology & process Transfer in Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG located in Ravensburg, Germany.