Next Generation Biocatalysis

  Scheme highlighting the NGBC research activities Biotec

The junior research group Next Generation Biocatalysis, short for NGBC, aims to develop new enzymatic reactions or reaction cascades, methods and technologies to overcome the limitations of aqueous biotransformations, and the implementation of engineered biocatalysts in microbial chassis to enable biosynthesis routes towards valuable plant secondary metabolites. A key aspect of our research is the development of new or the improvement of established stereoselective biotransformations.

To meet this objective, our research combines the cross-cutting topics of directed enzyme evolution, bio-(hybrid) catalysis, and organic chemistry, which nicely ties the core competences of the Schwaneberg group. The interdisciplinary approach pursued by the NGBC unit harnesses the expertise of trained molecular and synthetic biologists, material scientists, and chemists. The NGBC junior research group is headed by Dr. Johannes Schiffels.