Congratulations to Alexander Grimm for his successful PhD defense!


It’s our pleasure to announce that our PhD fellow Alexander Grimm graduated on November, 29th in presence of family, friends, and fellow colleagues.

His work is entitled “Protein engineering of nitrobindin for biohybrid catalysts”.

Among others, Alexander Grimm engineered the cavity size of the β–barrel protein nitrobindin, for improved olefin metathesis using Grubbs-Hoveyda-type catalysts. Furthermore, Alexander developed the first cell surface display-based whole cell biohybrid catalyst system. He demonstrated the catalysis of polyphenyl-acetylene using this whole cell biohybrid catalyst. These excellent scientific contributions resulted in two publications in ACS Catalysis.

Alexander worked in the division of Hybrid Catalysis & High Throughput Screening under the supervision of Prof. Schwaneberg.

The whole Schwaneberg group congratulates Alex for his achievement and wishes all the best for his future. Well done, Alex!


Image gallery of Alex´ Phd defence