"RWTH explains the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry" took place


The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018 will be awarded on December 10th in Stockholm to Prof. Frances H. Arnold for her pioneering work in the field of directed evolution of enzymes. Enzymes can be tailored by directed evolution for their use in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed, and laundry industries.

Like every year, RWTHextern offers special lectures held by experts on the particular Nobel Prize topics. This year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry was explained by Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg on December 5th to a broad audience of about 100 interested people. Prof. Schwaneberg has worked as PostDoc in the group of the Nobel laureate Prof. Arnold at the California Institute of Technology – Caltech - from 1999 to 2001. His 45-minute lecture in German entitled “Sesam öffne Dich – gesteuerte Evolution für eine nachhaltige Wirtschaft” focused on the introduction of directed evolution and important methods around the Nobel Prize winning topic. The lecture ended with plenty of questions from the audience.

The Schwaneberg Group thanks all the attendees for their participation.


Impressions from the presentation