KnowVolution of the polymer binding peptide LCI


Congratulations to Kristin Rübsam on her recent publication!

In Kristin´s new publication, polypropylene binding peptide LCI was engineered for efficient binding to polypropylene in presence of surfactant. Polypropylene is a wide spread commodity polymer used in medicine, textiles or packaging. The presented KnowVolution campaign lead to a 5.4-fold improved polypropylene-binding peptide and enabled first molecular insights into binding of binding peptide LCI to polypropylene. This work was realized in the division Biohybrid System and it was possible through German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funding.

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Rübsam, K., Davari, M.D., Jakob, F., Schwaneberg, U.; KnowVolution of the polymer binding peptide LCI for improved polypropylene binding. Polymers, 2018



This paper is freely accessible.