Delegation of Thai researchers and offcials visits the Chair for Biotechnology


Thailand delegation informs itself on bioprocess development, metabolic engineering and protein expression in our institute and in DWI

Photo of the Thai delegation on the RWTH territory Copyright: Bio VI

With great pleasure, our institute received the visit of a delegation from the National Science & Technology Development Agency from Thailand consisting of 20 scientists, graduate students and government officials. The delegation was led by Mr. Nitirooge Phonepasert, Director of Division of Economic Information from Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as Prof. Dr. Morakot Tanticharoen, Senior Advisor to the President, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). The topics of the visit were microbial bioprocess development, applying bioprocess and metabolic engineering principles for small antimetabolite products and heterologous protein expression.

  Photo of the Thai delegation at the Chair of Biotechnology Copyright: Bio VI The Thai delegation listened to talks on microbial bioprocess development, metabolic engineering and heterologous protein expression.