Visit of the Enzyme Engineering Konferenz XXIV in Toulouse

  Parts of Schwaneberg group @ Enzyme Engineering XXIV Copyright: Bio VI Visiting Enzyme Engineering XXIV (left to right: Ulrich Markel, Wei Long, Professor Schwaneberg, Volkan Besirlioglu

The Enzyme Engineering is a biennial conference established in 1971. This year, the enzyme engineering community met in Toulouse, France, from September 24th to 28th to discuss current issues during sessions on computational design and artificial catalysts, enzymes and synthetic biology, sequence and function-based discovery, structure-activity-dynamics-evolution, food, feed and health, fine chemicals and commodity, as well as enzymes and sustainable development. This year’s Enzyme Engineering Award went to Professor Pierre Monsan for his numerous significant contributions to the field of enzyme engineering. The Schwaneberg lab was represented by the PhD fellows Wei Long, Volkan Besirlioglu and Ulrich Markel, who joined Professor Ulrich Schwaneberg in presenting recently published research of the group. The next Enzyme Engineering Conference will take place in Chicago 2019.

  Visitors of Enzyme Engineering XXIV 2017 Copyright: Bio VI Visit of Enzyme Engineering XXIV -left to right: Huimin Zhao, Miguel Alcalde, Ulrich SchwaneV - V. l. n. r.: Huimin Zhao, Miguel Alcalde, Ulrich Schwaneberg, Frances Arnold, Anders Knight, Bernhard Hauer, Claudia Schmidt-Dannert, Jeffrey Moore