The Schwaneberg workgroup welcomes six new coworkers


Six new coworkers started their jobs in October

The Schwaneberg group is honored that six new members have joined us.

Hoda Alibiglou started her PhD in our group as a member of the HICAST team under supervision of Dr. Mehdi D. Davari. She is working on Engineering of Enzymes for Detergent Applications and will stay in the group for three years.

Feng Lilin started the three years of her PhD in the Schwaneberg group in the Hybrid catalysis and HTS sub-division headed by Prof. Schwaneberg. Her PhD project focuses on in vitro flow cytometry-based screening platform for enzyme mutants in biotechnology.

Karina Paul will reinforce the Molecular Bioeconomy division as a technical assistant.

On October 1st, 2017, Dr. Gaurao Dhoke returned as a PostDoc to the Schwaneberg group. He is a member of the Computational Biology sub-division supervised by Dr. Mehdi Davari. He will work on the ROBOX project and stays in our group for one and a half years.

Kevin Herrmann began his PhD in the Schwaneberg group in the Molecular Bioeconomy sub-division under the supervision of Dr. Joelle Ruff. The DBU-project he is working on is entitled "Phytase Engineering for efficient phosphate recovery".

Last but not least, Liang Gao started his PhD project "Construction and application of a novel microbial whole-cell biocatalytic model comprising self-assembled membrane-protective shells" on October 1st, 2017. He will be supervised by Dr. Johannes Schiffels in the Next Generation Biocatalysis sub-division for three years.

Welcome, everyone!


Our new colleagues