The Schwaneberg workgroup welcomes three new coworkers


The Schwaneberg group is growing! Francisca Contreras Leiva, Malte Wittwer and Dr. Lorenzo Pesci are joining us from September 2017 onwards.


Welcome, Francisca Contreras Leiva, Malte Wittwer and Lorenzo Pesci!

Three new colleagues have just joined the Schwaneberg workgroup.

Francisca Contreras Leiva started her PhD in our group at the beginning of September, 2017. She will work on "Tailored Enzyme Cocktails for Efficient Cellulose Biodegradation" in the EnzyBioDeg project. Francisca is a member of the Computational Biology division supervised by Dr. Mehdi Davari and will stay with us for three years.

Malte Wittwer started his PhD on September 1st 2017 as a member of the Next Generation Biocatalysis division supervised by Dr. Johannes Schiffels in the Schwaneberg group. He will work on the development of bio-factories comprising whole cell P450 and biohybrid catalysts embedded in synthetic biofilms. He stays for three years in our group.

Dr. Lorenzo Pesci joined the Schwaneberg group on September 1st 2017 as a new PostDoc and will stay for three years. He is working in the Hybrid catalysis and HTS division supervised by Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg. His project is entitled protein and process engineering of a lipase for bio-based plasticizers production.

Welcome, Francisca, Lorenzo and Malte!


Our new coworkers Malte, Lorenzo und Francisca